Unlimited employees and users

You can load as many employees are you want, and you are not restricted on number of FreeRoll users, each can have various rights.


The system can provide you with the UIF update to send to the UIF department, in the format they require, no forms need to be filled out.

SARS Tax Tables

The system automatically has all tax tables updated, including all rebates and other information required for the financial year.

MOBI friendly system

Freeroll Free Payroll,
made easy

Let the Freeroll Free Payroll manage your employees:

Let employees register themselves on the system, you only need to approve.

Free Signup


Local Support

We are in South Africa, we are in your time zone, you can easily call us, and we understand the South African market better than those outside South Africa



The system allows for employeeship cards and employeeship certificates. employeeship cards can be used with the employeeship Cellphone App (availalbe at an extra cost) to record attendance for event sessions. employees get access to materials depending on their employeeship category, and get preferencial pricing depending on their employeeship level.


Online Portal

Provide a beautiful portal that your employees can log into, and gain access to all kinds of information. They can update their details, upload a photo, and ask questions or make suggestions. They can access eLearning, do assessments, and if applicable, gain CPD points or gamification points. Download documents, see news, notices, search FAQs, complete polls and more.


Member Finances

Create employeeship levels with different monthly or yearly employeeship fees. Invoices will be sent automatically and if not paid, will be automatically reminded and eventually employeeship terminated. employees can see their finances in their portal and upload a Proof of Payment if their payment has been missed. The debtors system allows for quotes, invoices, statements, payments and credit notes.



Let your employees sign up oneline, make them responsible for the accuracy of their details. A complete workflow process manages registrations, with dynamic forms you can create.



The high powered eLearning system allows for the uploading of video, SCORM materials, or creation of your own eLearning using the built in eLearning authoring tool. CPD points can be allocated for either completing the learning or passing the assessment. A certificate of competenance or certificate of completion can also be given and is automatically placed in the CPD records. Gamification points can also be used to give badges and participate in leaderboards.


Watch Video of Freeroll Free Payroll

Sit back and click on the video on the right

Check out how easy it is to use our system, see how it has the most functionality of any Freeroll Free Payroll system.

Need a software license rather?

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Software License

For large organisations that need a customised system

Contact Intoweb directly if you need a fully cusomised version of this system, and purchase a License to the software.

HR Records

  • Personal Details
  • Work Details
  • Contact Details
  • Next of Kin
  • Employee Contracts
  • Photo / ID / CV
  • Employee Self Service




Prices exclude VAT

Leave Management

  • Leave Application
  • Authorisation Workflow
  • Annual Leave Law
  • Sick Leave Law
  • Parental Leave
  • Worked-in Leave




Prices exclude VAT


  • Wall mounted Tablet based clockin
  • Photo recording
  • GPS Recording
  • Reporting
  • Overtime
  • Export to Payroll



Get Started

Prices exclude VAT

Pro Version

  • Up to 1000 employees
  • All features of Basic Version
  • 100 eLearning Courses
  • Debit Orders
  • Event Management
  • Support charged at R550+vat/hour
  • 20 GB per month, R10 per GB thereafter



Prices exclude VAT

Basic Intranet

  • 1000+ employees
  • All Pro Features
  • eCommerce
  • Forums
  • Signup Commissions
  • Coaching
  • 30 GB per month, R10 per GB thereafter



Prices exclude VAT

Enterprise Version

  • 1000+ employees
  • All features of Corporate Version
  • Software License Purchase
  • Dedicated Server
  • Customised Features
  • 1 TB per month, R1000 per TB thereafter



Get Started

Prices exclude VAT
Custom Requirements
Custom quote created

Have been using the system for over ten years, and is still going strong.

Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce

Brilliant tool to manage all of our events, we could not work without it.

Chiropractic Association of South Africa

We love the system, it has help us manage all our systems so well.

South African Football Association

Providing eLearning to our employees has become so easy and effective.

African Auditing Association for English Speaking Countries

What a brilliant way to keep tabs on employees for awards.

South African Board for People Practices

Managing Events is now a pleasure, with all finances automated. employees have a home to get the information and to interact with other employees.

MyWealth Method

PayFast is now integrated

You can obtain payments from employees using the built in eCommerce and there is a no waiting period to start using PayFast.

Photographic attendance!

employees can now record their attendance with a photo, using GEO co-ordinates from their cellphone or tablet at entrance.